First Baptist Church, Bath
The Bell Tower



This installment of The Bell Tower is from the Church Council.


Good Morning! With the departing of Pastor Steve and Therese, the Church Council has the giant task ahead of assisting the Pulpit Search Committee to search for a new full time pastor. We also now have a va-cant Church Member position to sit on the council. If anyone is interested in filling this position, please see one of the Council members. The cur-rent membership of the Council is Dave Pecci (Chairman of Trustees), Barbara Pecci (Church Clerk), Joshua Whitney (Church Member), Mark Lunn (Treasurer), one Deacon to be named, and a vacant Worship Team member.
With the successful September Bake/Yard Sale on the books, we are now in the planning stages for a Pot Luck on 1st of October after the Church Business Meeting and on the 7th of October the City of Bath’s Autumn-fest, where we will be handing out Popcorn and 9Volt Smoke Detector Batteries. Also, on the 7th, we will be sending some representatives to the Annual Maine Baptist Association meeting in Augusta. Still in the plan-ning stages are November 4th Early Bird Sale Breakfast and December (date to be determined) a possible Babysitting/Daycare day for Parents to do Christmas Shopping without little ones tagging along.
We ask that you continue to pray for the Church and its members. Espe-cially since the membership is low, which also resulted in some members being on more than one committee. We must all trust in the Lord for he will provide with his unfailing love for ever and ever.