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Why Do People Remain Baby Christians? Part One

Some years ago a new fad came out where teens liked to suck on a lollipop that looked like a baby’s pacifier. I’m not sure who started it or why but it sure took off and, as a matter of fact, I saw a young girl at the playground we took the grandkids to sucking on one just last week, which brings me to the subject of the day. I am referring to Christians who never grow spiritually, sometimes called baby Christians.

I say baby Christians as opposed to babes in Christ because, to me, there is a difference. Babes in Christ are new believers who are new to the faith and in the process of growing in Christ; baby Christians, however, are folks who came to faith in Christ years ago but have never grown beyond the “pacifier” stage in their walk.

What are some characteristics of baby Christians? Well, first they are still pretty self-absorbed. The world revolves around them and their wants and they tend to “cry” when they don’t get their way. Also, baby Christians focus only on the love of God and forgiveness of sins without any mention of stopping those sins and living a holy life. Finally, baby Christians don’t know the Word of God; they seldom, if ever, read it and the teaching on living a holy life is boring to them. They even call those who practice living a separate, righteous life legalistic.

Now, I hope that I haven’t just described you, but if I have, let me assure you I haven’t said these things with any malice. My prayer and the reason for writing this little article is that you recognize yourself and decide to do something about it. You don’t have to stay a baby Christian! God’s desire for you is that you move on to the deeper things of Christ by 1) making sure you are really saved and have the Holy Spirit living inside you 2) learn how to let the Word of God teach you how to live a holy life and 3) start to put into practice what you learn.

We are going to examine these three things in depth next time. For now, let’s all do some soul-searching and see if we have any of these traits in our own lives.

Mike Whitney