The Bell Tower


The Preparation

If you were invited to meet the President of the United States and told you would have 15 minutes to ask anything you want, what would you do? Would you spend any time preparing your questions or petitions or would you go into the meeting and “shoot from the hip” so to speak? Which would be more effective? Even more to the point, which would be the wiser approach? I think most of us would not want to leave that once in a lifetime opportunity to chance, don’t you? I think most of us would give serious thought and maybe even prayer to such a privilege.

And speaking of prayer…do we give much thought or consideration to the time we will spend with the Creator of the universe? Do we reflect on what we will say or ask our mighty God? The One who has all power and authority to grant any and every request?

The Bible says that God is in heaven and you are on earth; therefore, let your words be few. Psalm 46:10 says “Be still and know that I am God…” However, how many of us rush into heaven’s throne room, and coming to a screeching halt in front of the Almighty start immediately into our list of things we want? We talk in Christian circles all the time about how we have a relationship with God, yet, who else of our friends do we treat like this? We all know what it’s like to be talking to someone who is distracted and always looking at their watch, right? I’m afraid that too many times I, and I suspect you too, have spent “time” with our Lord in just the same way. I wonder how God feels when we do that?

I have been working on some things to help improve my time with God and I believe they are working, so I thought I’d pass them on to you for your consideration. 1) Carve out a period of time when you will not be rushed 2) As you enter God’s presence, do it in a reverent manner and spend some time just being quiet before your Lord 3) Start your prayer time with thanksgiving and praise: continue with confession: then intercede for people who need God to work in their life: it’s a good idea to make petition for your own needs last to keep from getting selfish in our prayers: finally, end with more thanks giving and praise.

By the way, I didn’t make this up. The model for this kind of praying came from our Lord in Matthew 6:9-13. You know it as the Lord’s Prayer. Not a bad way to pattern our prayers, don’t you think?