The Bell Tower

Are We There Yet?

When I was little and our family traveled, we were about a half hour into a 10 hour trip, when my two sisters and I would start asking the age-old question all parents get on a road trip…”are we there yet”? Sure enough, I’ve been paid back for that slight irritation I caused my parents, when, on road trips Olive and I and our four little cherubs took the little darlings would start in quite early…”are we there yet”? It would seem that as we age, we would outgrow this tendency, however, I find myself asking God on numerous occasions…”are we there yet”?

Take the present situation in our church. We have been without a pastor since the first of September. The process seems excruciatingly long and a lot of us are asking “are we there yet”? “How much longer”? “What is taking so long”? Natural questions for sure, so my purpose this week and next is to try to add perspective to these questions and our present situation.

Although it is probably obvious to most, let me state that we are not looking for a CEO to run our “company”. We are trying to discern who God is calling to lead His church here at First Baptist of Bath. We must be diligent and reasonably cautious in this endeavor. We are looking for a man with the unique skills and spiritual gifts to accomplish God’s vision for our ministry in Bath and the Midcoast.

Also, your leadership must determine the basic direction and vision for our church in order to find the man who will fit. For instance, if we as a church have an outward looking vision of ministry and a pastoral candidate wants only to work within the church body, then we cannot possibility work harmoniously together toward the same goal. Your leadership has spent much time and prayer seeking the answer to this question of “what is our vision”?

There is much more to consider at another time. In the meanwhile pray for us. We are making progress. And when it’s done, by God’s grace, we will have the man God has chosen to help take us all the way to God’s best for this body of believers.

Mike Whitney