The Bell Tower

The Powers That Be

Finally! Another election cycle is over! I know that it is a privilege to live in a country where we have such a smooth transition of power from one party to another, but honestly, I am so tired of the constant barrage of ads full of accusations, half truths and outright lies! However, the fact is I would rather put up with the ads then a revolutionary coup every 2-4 years as a means of transferring power, wouldn’t you?

As I write this the polls are still open and we don’t know who won or who lost, and the truth is, for the born-again believer, it doesn’t really matter. I am not saying this because I don’t care who our elected officials are but because, in the end, whoever they are God put them there and we are to submit to their authority as to the Lord!  Romans 13:1 says:  “Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.”

This makes the whole RESIST movement pure rebellion and anti God; especially when using violence and illegal means to attend their ends. The ends do not justify the means! That is called anarchy!

Does this mean that we have to accept everything the government does? Do we have to accept ungodly laws, for instance abortion, without putting up any resistance? No! But as we reflect on how to respond to ungodly and unjust laws, we need to choose our actions wisely and carefully so as not to sin in the effort. There are creative, powerful and legal ways to win the cultural war for the soul of our country. We need to first humble ourselves and pray and seek God’s face, turn from our wicked ways as believers, then God will forgive our sin and heal our land!

So, let’s get out of the salt shaker (the church building) and into the world (your sphere of influence) and flavor the city of Bath, the state and the country with the Lord Jesus Christ and build His kingdom! The gates of hell cannot prevail!

Mike Whitney